Behind R21

Some stories are told. Ours is the kind you taste.

Today’s generation of spirit lovers know that what’s on the inside of the bottle matters infinitely more than what’s on the outside. So, we put everything we have into our recipes.

We’re not about bells and whistles. We’re about amazing taste and affordability, and always exceeding your expectations for both. It’s why bartenders call us their best friend and fans have called us their go-to spirit for almost a decade. In short, we’re not going to tell you a story. We’re just gonna tell you to taste our stuff.


Premium Vodka

Our best seller for a reason.


Grape Vodka

Like grapes? You’ll love this.


Cherry Vodka

Sweet up front. Fun fruity finish.


Orange Vodka

Keeping it light, bright and fresh.

R21Spiced Rum_Blk

Spiced Rum

Matches the flavors of a classic Rum & Coke.

R21white rum-black

white rum

A true cocktail staple.


coconut rum

Bringing the taste of the tropics to you.


Silver Tequila

Great taste and tons of mixability.


London Dry Gin

Always smooth.
Always inviting.


Blended Whiskey

Plays well with all your cocktail favorites.


wicked cin

Spice things up and bring the heat.


triple sec

A must-have mixer.


peach schnapps

Take your fruity cocktails to the next level.